We’re Adding Fresh Talent to Our Team

The Culture of Atlanta’s reputation continues to grow as we exceed our expansion goals. Our rapid growth means we need an infusion of new talent to keep turning our ambitious objectives into realities. New additions to our team will benefit from a supportive work culture.

Rodney J., our firm’s Director of Operations, stated, “No one is forgotten at The Culture of Atlanta. Seasoned promotional specialists and new hires receive the same kind of support to help them reach their full potential. Everyone’s input matters, so we make sure all our team members know they are valued.”

An immersive training program is one way we show new hires how much we’re invested in their success. Rodney explained, “We allow our newest hires to jump directly into real-world business operations, including all phases of the campaign development process. They get to quickly build their skills through a range of learning opportunities. Along with hands-on training from experienced mentors, new additions to our team get to attend networking events, leadership conferences, and exotic retreats.”

All these developmental options come amid an inspiring work atmosphere. Our Director remarked, “The freshest additions to our team can expect to find an intimate workplace – not a large headquarters teeming with strangers. We boast supportive leaders who are happy to help however they can.”

We’re excited to find the right matches for our unique culture. Check out our Newswire feed to stay updated on The Culture of Atlanta and our hiring efforts.