Career Building at The Culture of Atlanta

No one – not even our newest hires – are lost or forgotten at The Culture of Atlanta. This is what our freshest associates can expect:

  • An intimate workplace – not headquarters teeming with strangers
  • Supportive leaders who are available and happy to help

We make sure our people know they are valued. When it comes to collaboration, everyone’s input matters.

If this sounds enticing, check out some of the other perks at The Culture of Atlanta:

Settling In

Making a big career move isn’t easy, and outdated training materials certainly don’t improve the experience. Associates at The Culture of Atlanta enjoy a different approach. They:

  • Engage in the campaign development process
  • Jump directly into real-world business operations

Build their skills through various learning opportunities

Company Management

Each manager attained his or her position by working their way from the entry level. They understand what it takes to get to the top. Just as they were supported throughout their journeys, they are available to provide feedback and direction to their new coworkers.

Harmonious Teamwork

A collaborative environment positions The Culture of Atlanta above other sales and marketing firms. Teamwork is our biggest strength. As we realize a common vision, we encourage one another while pursuing our own ambitions. There’s no room for competition. Every victory – no matter how small – is cause for celebration!

World Travel

We don’t shy away from any adventure – no matter where it takes us. Our associates often attend:

  • Leadership conferences
  • Industry trainings
  • Rest and relaxation retreats
  • And more!

The ability to travel is one of the best rewards we can give our hardworking team. What’s more, getting out of the office together is a great way to strengthen our relationships.

Professional Networking

Networking is an essential component of career success. That’s why we encourage our people to attend business gatherings and community functions as often as possible. These events are the perfect settings for making new contacts and building confidence. Plenty of opportunities arise from such interactions.

Be part of a premier sales and marketing team. Send us your resume.