Follow Our Team as We Race to the Top

There are those who would suggest that being seventh in the sales and marketing industry is nothing at which to sneeze. However, in our The Culture of Atlanta office, we’re dedicated to raising the bar. We won’t be satisfied until we’re among the top three offices in the country. Right now, it’s our mission: and together we’re determined to achieve it.

“We always have specific goals to attain in our office,” explained Rodney J., our The Culture of Atlanta Director of Operations. “This is perhaps the most aggressive undertaking today as it involved our entire team. Everyone is working together to achieve this objective.”

As with any goal, deadlines are necessary to ensure progress stays on track. “Our plan is to be within the top three offices by the end of April,” Rodney shared. “We set this date because we’ll be able to promote the accomplishment at the next national leadership conference.”

“The team has grown steadily in recent months, so this is an endeavor we’re taking on together,” he added. “There’s a tremendous buzz at The Culture of Atlanta right now as we’re continually optimizing our efforts to realize our vision.”

To keep everyone focused and energized, Rodney noted that there are in-house competitions ongoing. “We’re raising the bar and giving our people incentive to clear it.”

Stay updated on our progress as we work towards being one of the top three offices. Follow us on Twitter where we’ll share our accomplishments.