Highlighting Five Standout Team Members

We enjoy putting our top performers in the spotlight here at The Culture of Atlanta. Rodney J., our firm’s Director of Operations, explained, “Engagement around our office stays at a high level because our people know their hard work will be recognized. Today, we’re highlighting Nia, Jazmyn, Terrance, Sylena, and Jushawn for their commitment to helping their teammates thrive.”

These five The Culture of Atlanta standouts were recently selected by Rodney to attend a leadership conference in Dallas. Our Director stated, “These sales and marketing managers were chosen because they’ve worked diligently to reach their goals. At the conference, they were able to network with other high achievers from our industry and learn a ton of valuable information.”

When they returned from Dallas, Nia, Jazmyn, Terrance, Sylena, and Jushawn were happy to share the insights they gained with their teammates. They also helped teach new hires with these fresh concepts in mind. Rodney noted, “I’ve seen a positive change in the entire office because of the way our conference attendees have collaborated with their colleagues. They’re putting new knowledge to use for the good of our entire team.”

The Dallas leadership conference was just the latest example of the rewarding travel incentives our sales and marketing managers can earn. From educational events and seminars to exotic retreats, we have a wide range of ways to broaden our horizons.

We look forward to our next big travel event. Follow The Culture of Atlanta on Twitter to get updates on our top performers and team trips.