Key Elements of Agile Leadership

When it comes to developing our leadership skills, becoming more flexible is one of our primary points of emphasis. We understand the importance of planning here at The Culture of Atlanta HQ, but we also know it’s essential to effectively pivot when circumstances demand it. Here are a few key concepts we keep in mind as we work to become agile managers.

One of the biggest challenges that comes with unexpected change is avoiding an overreaction. We do our best to think through every situation before we embark on a course of action. In short, managers need to be able to respond rather than simply react when big changes occur.

It’s also important to be mindful of who will be most affected by any unexpected outcome or change in plans. When we know our audience, it’s much easier to calmly discuss what needs to be done and why. We share the details that matter most to our customers when we must alter course. In doing so, we prepare ourselves for the communication challenges of leadership roles.

Fast thinking is a big part of The Culture of Atlanta’s ethos. Planning for the unexpected isn’t easy, but it’s more doable if you have practice thinking outside the box. We pride ourselves on innovative campaigns because we’re always pushing beyond our comfort zones. By practicing thinking on our feet as often as possible, we set ourselves up to successfully navigate unexpected outcomes.

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